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Why Do Our Children Do This To Us?

30 Mar

1. This: When you return home from grocery shopping and have your arms full of grocery bags, the onslaught of requests will begin. BEFORE your shoes are off and the bags are set down. “Can you get me juice? I need a snack. I’m STARVING! Can you wipe me? Here mommy. Take my booger.”

2. And This: When you wear a black shirt to hide the stains from sticky, nasty kid hand smears, someone will throw up on you. You just can’t hide that. No matter what color you’re wearing.

3. Never This: When you wear a white shirt. . . Lol! No sane stay at home mom with little kids ever wears white!

4. And This: You’ll find yourself arguing with a 3 year old about things like why she can’t put picked boogers back into her nose. “But mommy! You told me not to pick my nose! I’m not picking the boogers! I’m putting them back in!”

5. What About This: As soon as you drift off to sleep. . .finally. You will hear a little voice in your ear. “Mommy. Are you awake? I’m scared. Can I sleep with you?”

6. Yeah This: There is no sleeping WITH you. That would imply that both of you are sleeping. They are sleeping BESIDE you. With their feet in your face and their butt poked into your stomach.

7. Always This: You will wash their favorite sheets, get them put nicely on their bed, put them to sleep. . . and they will pee. They will pee the bed every. single. time. And then demand that you wash them again immediately. Because those are their favorite ones.

8. And This: You’re planning on going out somewhere. You make your kid go to the bathroom 5 minutes before you leave. And then you make them go again 1 minute before you leave. You arrive at the store or restaurant or park which is literally 3 minutes away from your house. As soon as they step out of the car, “Mom. I have to go potty! Now! It’s an emergency!” What? Didn’t we just do this? It doesn’t matter. You can try restricting liquids for hours before leaving the house. They won’t pee for DAYS at home. As soon as you are out in public. . .Whoosh! Open up the faucets. Let the pee fest begin.

9. Seriously! Wth? This: The phone. The PHONE!! Why must they torture us while we are on the phone? My children will ignore me for hours. “Go do your homework.” Nothin’. “Stop fighting with your sister.” Nothin’. “Clean your room.” Silence. The phone rings and suddenly I’m the most popular person ever. “Mommy. Oh mommy. I HAVE to tell you a story. Yesterday at school Johnny had a red pencil but really wanted a blue one so he was sad and did you know that one time when I was 4 it snowed and do you remember that you didn’t let me go out and play in it and I’m still really mad at you and I have to poop so I need you to stay right here because I may need help wiping and keep listening because I still have soooo much to tell you and. . . .” Aaggghhh!!!! Where are their mute buttons?

10. Finally This: When you’re sick they will do all of these horrible things plus a thousand more.


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